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Here we offer a range of clinical professional treatments and advice on aesthetics, sports massage, nutrition for health and fitness, and skin care.

All therapists and clinicians are fully insured experienced professionals registered with their respective national governing bodies in their field.

A range of treatments we offer…..

* Cryolipolysis - Lipo Freeze permenant fat loss.
* Anti Wrinkle Treatment by Consultation.
* Dermal Fillers.  
* Lip Augmentation.
* PDO - Cog Non surgical face lift. 
* PDO Mono Thread Face & Neck lifting. 
* PRP - Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy - facial / body treatments.  
* Micro Needling.  
* Micro Dermabrasion.  
* Sports and Remedial Massage. 
* Reflexology, Hot Stones, Swedish Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage Please enquire.
* Laser Tattoo Removal
* Carbon Laser Facial 
* Dermatological advice by a leading Dermatologist on Moles, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis.

This month’s featured treatment…..

Cryolipolysis - Lipo Freeze for men. Removes stubborn fat permanently

Lipo Freeze - Fat Freezing - Cryolipolysis


Skin-logic is offering a safe and widely used procedure to help reduce stubborn fat areas permanently for anyone over the age of 18.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

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Fully qualified and insured laser tattoo removal specialist

Professional Laser Tattoo Removal

Carbon Laser Rejuvenation  Facials

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Sports and Remedial Massage

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Sports Massage
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Swedish Massage

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Indian Head Massage

Botox fillers wirral


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S. Morgan
Member of the BDNG
specialising in

Lipo Freeze - Cryolipolysis 

Anti-wrinkle Treatment

Dermal FIllers

Lip Augmentation

PRP - Plasma Rich Platlet Therapy
( Plasma Therapy Facial)

PDO Thread
Face and Neck Lifting

Skin Micro Needling


Skin Care

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Leading Dermatologist
professional advice

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Lipo Freeze treatment Wirral, Liverpool, Cvvheshire for permanent fat removal.

Lipo Freeze available at Clinic based in Wallasey Village covering The Wirral, Cheshire and Merseyside..

What is Cryolipolysis - Lipo Freeze ?

Fat or Lipo Freeze also known by medical professionals as Cryolipolysis is the process of freezing the fat cells to -6 degrees. Most Fat cells are situated in the subcutaneous layer of the skin, such as the abdomen, back of arms, legs etc. When subjected to freezing, these fat cells start to shrink and eventually die. The body will then recognise that these cells are no longer required and over a period of weeks will start to break down the 'dead' fat cells and naturally dispose of them through the lymphatic system.

Can anyone have Cryolipolysis ( fat freeze) ? We cannot perform the treatment on anyone who is  pregnant or breast feeding but we can after a suitable time has elapsed. Please call us to have a chat.

Our professionally trained registered nurse practitioners/Clinicians will take a thorough history and health assessment prior the treatment. This will ensure this is the right treatment for you.